Vibrant Colours, Bold Flavours - Modern European and British Restaurant

We aim to create a tasting sensation. Classic dishes - redefined.

Good moments are meant to be shared - our food is to be enjoyed in a company

of friends and family. 


But if you fancy a dinner with your other half - we can make it special too.


Visit Market Street, Modern European and British cuisine restaurant, located in the heart of Ely city centre, to enjoy bold, hearty, unrefined and comforting food. 

Everyone at Market Street Brasserie, from our passionate chef and every staff member, loves fresh and simple food. We believe that food should be cooked from heart, and the best ingredients are the ones you can buy locally. This is why we are committed to sourcing all our ingredients from local producers.


We also love to play and experiment with flavours and textures, and many of our dishes have been influenced by different cultures around the globe.